Custom Designed Industrial Grade Camera Housing

Camera Housing Enclosure

One of our clients who is a masonry builder, commissioned us to design and build Read more >

JCA gets into 3D Printing

3D Printing

As 3D printing continues to revolutionizes the way companies do business, we’ve begun to utilise Read more >

Would you Buy a Car from a Vending Machine?


If the process of buying a car just seems a little too daunting, fret not — you can now select your new car from a five-story vending machine.

Lexus Impresses With its Cardboard Car


Lexus has taken ‘origami’ to a whole new level with their fully functioning cardboard car.

What if Your Vehicle was one Giant Screen?

Nissan Teatro for Dayz

What if your vehicle was one giant screen — what would you turn your vehicle into?

Domino’s Delivery Car With Onboard Oven

Dominos DXP Delivery Car

Have you ever ordered pizza, and by the time it’s delivered it’s only lukewarm? This won’t be an issue with Domino’s ‘DXP’ cars that are fitted with onboard ovens.

Waterproof Music System for Material Handling


The new, compact, entirely waterproof Jensen music system proves that good things come in small packages.

‘Smart’ Traffic Lights Being Trialed in Japan

Smart Traffic Lights

In a bid to improve road safety in Japan, ‘smart’ traffic lights that communicate with vehicles have been given the green light for testing.

Innovative Tyre Handler Camera System

PTZ tyre handler camera

Tyre handling has proven it can be a dangerous and fatal task, prompting one client Read more >

Clarion Camera System Updates

clarion camera

Recently Clarion announced several changes to their product line. Find out more.