Whether your fleet consists of forklifts, cranes, excavators, diggers, tyre handling machines or any other type of material handling vehicle or machinery, our team has the experience, knowledge and product range to meet your requirements. Our material handling solutions focus on providing our clients with improved employee safety, asset protection and operational efficiency.

Custom Material Handling Accessories
We understand that our clients’ needs will change and evolve with technology, therefore we have a dedicated Research & Development department that designs and manufactures customised, vehicle electronic and integration solutions for material handling vehicles and machinery. Should you require a custom solution for your material handling fleet, our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your objectives and requirements, and will develop a solution to fit your needs. Learn more.

Whether your employees operate a forklift, excavator, digger or any other type of material handling vehicle, we can accommodate your fleet’s safety requirements. Safety solutions we offer include;

  • Man Down / lone worker pendant
  • First aid kits and fire extinguishers
  • Seat belt and gear lock outs
  • In Vehicle Management Systems (IVMS) / fleet GPS tracking
  • Handsfree Bluetooth solutions
  • Reverse cameras, sensors and alarms
  • Roll over protection (ROPS)
  • Battery isolators
  • Tyre pressure monitoring systems
  • Safety lighting
  • Wheel chocks
  • Hand brake alarms
  • Speed and RPM limiters

Installing speed and RPM limiting devices in your fleet can significantly reduce wear and tear on your vehicles / machinery, and overall maintenance costs. If required, we can also match speed limits to certain geographic locations.

For more information contact us or visit our speed and RPM limiting section.

JCA Fleet Services offers a number of communications systems including UHF / HF / VHF / digital radios and satellite phones. Our trained professionals are able to program, fit and service most communications brands including Motorola, Uniden, GME, Iridium, Inmarsat, Icom, Tait Communications, Codan, Beam, and Simoco.

Our material handling communications services include:

  • Ad-hoc radio and satellite phone repairs and maintenance
  • Warranty work
  • Programming and frequency spectrum changes
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Licensing changes
  • Structured maintenance programs

GPS Tracking / Telematics is an electronic device that is installed in an asset which allows the owner or third party to track the asset’s location, and collect data such as speed, engine RPM, driver ID and a number of other factors.

IVMS can help you address the following challenges facing your material handling fleet:

  • Safeguard your Employees 
    Track the whereabouts of your assets and employees, monitor driving patterns, and reduce at risk driving behaviour. Monitored parameters include excessive idle, harsh braking, excessive acceleration, speeding, and over-revving to name a few. Additionally, the Man Down pendant / alarm can be used in conjunction with IVMS to ensure the health and safety of employees working remotely or alone.
  • Monitor Driver ID and Licensing
    Our IVMS system can be integrated with employee access card management systems, which requires drivers to swipe their access card before using a vehicle. This enables the following additional control;

    • Access & License Control – The swipe card system can read and manage driver access according to their license level. For example, if a driver is only licensed to drive light vehicles but tries to swipe onto a forklift, the system will set off an alarm and send an alert to the appropriate, predefined team. Swipe cards can be loaded with multiple licenses and expiry dates. If a driver’s license for a particular class of assets expires, they will not be able to use that asset until they have their license renewed and updated in the system.
    • Card Management – If a card is lost it can be disabled to prevent unauthorised use of that card on company assets.
    • Driver ID – Identify which vehicle a driver was using at a specified time and place.
  • High Voltage Proximity Alert System 
    Provides both audible and visual warning signals to alert an operators and ground attendant personnel when a boom / vehicle comes within proximity of an energized high-voltage power line.
  • Protect your Assets 
    Reduce unauthorised vehicle use, rough and dangerous driving and operation, and recover your asset quicker in the event of a theft. You’ll save money on maintenance, and reduce risk on valuable assets and cargo.

Whatever the application may be, we have the perfect camera system for your material handling fleet. Models vary, but in vehicle camera functionality available includes:

  • Extreme operating temperatures (-30°C to +70°C)
  • Ability to withstand up to 10G shock
  • Ultra-wide angle viewing up to 160°
  • Built in microphone
  • Pan/tilt/zoom functionality
  • Wireless transmission
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Digital zoom
  • Quad split screen to view up to four cameras
  • Colour CCD and CMOS
  • Waterproof
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Low light visibility
  • Record and store footage
  • Motion activated
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