At JCA Fleet Services, we understand that employee safety and operational efficiency are the top two priorities for mining and construction companies. Our products and services play a key role in helping our clients create a safer working environment for their employees on the road, and increase their bottom line through improved operational efficiency.

What Sets Us Apart
We understand that our clients’ needs continue to change and evolve with technology, and sometimes the perfect product doesn’t exist. JCA Fleet Services has a dedicated Research & Development department that locally design and manufacture customised vehicle accessories, electronics and product integration solutions. Using specialised 3D CAD software, we can show you your solution before it’s finished to ensure that every millimeter of the build is exactly how you want it. Should you require a customised solution for your construction or mining vehicles, our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your objectives and requirements, and will develop a solution to fit your needs.

We fit hundreds of construction and mining vehicles each month to meet site safety standards. We are familiar with the required specs, and are experienced in providing quality installation on products such as vehicle safety striping, hand brake alarms, headlights on kits, battery isolators, light bars, rollover protection, wheel chocks, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Visit our Mine Spec Vehicle section for more information.

At JCA we specialize in vehicle safety solutions within the mining and construction industry. Our installation team is well versed in fitting vehicles with safety solutions such as dual spare wheels, seat belt and gear lock out, water containers, and more including:

  • First aid kits and fire extinguishers
  • Reverse alarms, sensors and camera
  • High visibility striping
  • Gross vehicle mass upgrade (GVM)
  • Man Down alarm / pendant
  • Long range fuel tanks including long range polymer diesel fuel tanks
  • Dual battery setups
  • In Vehicle Management Systems (IVMS) / Fleet GPS Tracking
  • Speed and RPM limiting devices
  • Roll over protection (ROPS)
  • Battery isolators
  • Tyre pressure monitoring systems
  • Bull bars, tow bars, nudge bars
  • Safety lighting
  • Wheel chocks
  • Hand brake alarms
  • Headlights on Kits
  • Camera systems

We sell and fit almost any type of vehicle safety accessory available on the market. For other safety products not listed, contact us.

Mining and construction vehicles often encounter harsh weather and road conditions many camera systems cannot handle. Clarion commercial camera systems are one of the few brands on the market durable enough to withstand these harsh operational conditions. Their camera systems are put through rigorous testing, and after passing these tests are further backed with a three year warranty.

We offer camera systems that can be mounted on a vehicle internally or externally to ensure driver and cargo safety/security, and to record real time traffic conditions, accidents, and driver behaviour.

As JCA Fleet Services is the sole Western Australian distributor for Clarion commercial camera systems, our clients benefit from an extensive in stock range of products and the most competitive pricing.

PTZ / Tyre Handler Camera System
At JCA Fleet Services, we’ve designed and manufactured a PTZ camera system (pan/tilt/zoom) that makes tyre handling for mining vehicles safer, easier, and more efficient. Our PTZ camera is placed on the front arm of a tyre handling machine to assist the operator in accurately aligning the tyre. Our PTZ camera system is unique because of its high powered optical zoom capability, pan/tilt/zoom functionality, and rugged, durable construction. For more information, please download our product flyer.

For further mining and construction camera solutions, visit our camera and monitor section.

JCA Fleet Services offers a wide range of communications systems for construction and mining vehicles including satellite phones, UHF / HF / VHF radios, and Bluetooth kits. Our trained professionals are able to program, fit and service most communications brands including Iridium, Inmarsat, GME, Icom, Tait Communications, Motorola, Codan, Beam, Uniden, and Simoco.

Our installation team is experienced and well versed in the induction process required to work at client sites and we ensure adherence to site specific health and safety requirements.

Our ability to custom fabricate steel and alloy trays, racks and toolboxes means that we can provide a flexible solution for your vehicle or fleet, whether it be in mining or other commercial applications. Our fully customisable trays can include features such as:

  • Toolboxes
  • Canopies
  • Explosive boxes
  • Galvanised for underground application
  • Drop sides
  • Flat tray beds
  • Various flooring finishes

Visit our Tray and Toolbox Section for more information.

Our In Vehicle Management System has been implemented in major mining companies throughout Australia, and has played a key role in improving vehicle safety and operational efficiency.

IVMS can help you address the following challenges facing your fleet:

  • Speed / Sensitive Area Awareness
  • Safeguard your Employees
  • Increase Fleet Productivity & Operational Control
  • Reconstruct Accidents
  • Protect your Assets

For example, one of our clients operates a fleet of over 700 vehicles, and as a cornerstone to their zero harm policy, they decided to mandate the monitoring of employee driver behaviour. We developed an in-depth report that summarises at risk driving behaviour and assigns a performance score to each driver. This report has assisted them in identifying dangerous driving habits early on, which has allowed them to address the behaviour and improve driver safety.

In the year prior to the implementation of IVMS / fleet GPS tracking, our client had 11 severe vehicle accidents occur. Subsequent to the implementation, our client has had no accidents, and within six months the number of speeding incidents per month went from approximately 650 to zero, and the number of harsh braking events went from approximately 600 to 110.

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