Sometimes the perfect solution doesn’t exist yet. For this reason, we have an in house Research & Development team that designs and manufactures customised, vehicle electronics and integration solutions. Our diverse capabilities include software and hardware engineering, as well as product and system integration.
Should you require a customised solution for your fleet, our R & D team will work closely with you to understand your requirements, and will develop a solution to fit your needs. We have experience in collaborating with businesses in a wide variety of industries, and across multiple departments within those businesses including the OH&S Team, Senior Management, Fleet Department, IT and IM (Information Management).
R & D Projects
Our diverse capabilities have enabled us to deliver our clients a number of exciting solutions including:

  • Incorporating IVMS (In Vehicle Management System) to a client’s call centre software platform, offering a solution that is integrated into their workflow
  • Designing and manufacturing a custom joystick with a Push to Talk (PTT) button, allowing grader operators to use their two-way radio while maintaining control of their vehicle
  • Engineering custom mounting solutions to provide seamless yet robust integration of hardware without damaging original manufacturer equipment
  • Integrating CARDAX access cards to IVMS to enable driver ID, access and license control
  • Utilising site wi-fi mesh networks to wirelessly transfer mobile video data which enabled real time viewing of on-site vehicle cameras
  • Creating an 8-way camera system for oversized vehicles to enable monitoring of blind spots and critical equipment
  • Developing mechanical and electromechanical anti-tamper devices to provide security of equipment and maintain serviceability

The possibilities are virtually endless. Whether you require automatic switching cameras (ideal for rubbish trucks), speed limiting based on tyre pressure or geographic location, a custom designed light bar, automatic switching between status beacons based on whether the vehicle is in motion or not, our Research & Development team can develop a solution to overcome your vehicle and site challenges.

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