At Star Automotive we pride ourselves on high quality; our aluminium trays are expertly welded for a smooth, clean appearance, and use only the highest grade components. Our trays can be made to meet any size requirement, to suit any vehicle make or model.

Our heavy duty aluminium ute trays are built to withstand harsh environments, tough terrain and heavy loads. With no zinc plating to wear off, aluminium trays will look great for its lifetime. Alloy trays also weigh considerably less than most trays, which means less load on the vehicle’s drive train, brakes, tyres and steering, combined with offering a greater load capacity and better fuel economy. Additionally, our aluminium ute trays feature wide spaced load stoppers, large inline non-rattle hinges and swing handles, and a self-draining, non-skid tray deck.

Standard Features

  • Construction: Our trays are constructed using tongue and groove, and come standard with a welded alloy mesh headboard. Large inline non-rattle hinges and swing handles are used, and engineered alloy wheel arches make the tray less prone to accidental damage and corrosion.
  • Tray Floor: Self-draining, non-skid tray deck. Other finishes available
  • Certification: All aluminium ute trays are built in house to meet government standards. Trays with rollover protection come with engineer approved certification

Optional Aluminium Ute Tray Features

  • Tray and toolbox or canopy and tray combinations
  • Square or tubed headboards
  • Drop side in varying heights or flat trays with no sides
  • Cages for use in the courier/delivery service industries, mining, construction and the utility hire sectors. Fixed or removable
  • Aluminium ute tray add-ons: Click here to see a range of additional accessories we offer to customise your aluminium ute tray

Custom Built Trays
We have a dedicated Research and Development department that allows us to offer our clients fully customisable tray designs. Whether you require an explosive box for flammable cargo, or a spare tyre holder for vehicles working in remote areas, we can build a tray to meet your requirements.

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